Recipe: Super delicious mud

Home Cooking Recipe: Super delicious mud


I bought a calamus hoe, thinking about making a stuffing bag into the egg yolk cake, and then starting it decisively. After doing it, I ate a few mouthfuls. It’s not too soft, super delicious! ! ! ! ! Then I took it out of the refrigerator today and prepared to make the egg yolk cake. I took another bite, and my mother, I ate the feeling of the citron ice cream, which made me think of my love! ! ! ! ! I didn't use the cooking machine to make mud, purely hand-rolled, so there are small taro granules. It tastes more delicious. If you like a smoother one, you can use the cooking machine to mud. It is estimated that it is more like ice cream after refrigerating! My sugar volume feels like a stuttering is just right, the package seems to be a little lighter, and it can be added with sugar. ~~~ The oil is tasteless.~~~ This amount is slightly larger, and the fried ones are more than two pounds. My hands are going to be abolished, everyone can cut in half! ! ! !



  1. Taro peeled and washed on the pan

  2. Add whipped cream, milk and sugar to crush the mud

  3. Into the non-stick pan, stir fry, add oil 2~3 times, add a second time after the oil is fully absorbed.

  4. After the oil is completely absorbed, stir fry for a while, master the dry humidity, then let it cool, seal it into the refrigerator and store it.


Be sure to choose the 芋 芋 哦~~~ Use the non-stick pan! small fire!

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