Recipe: Summer meal

Home Cooking Recipe: Summer meal


I remember that there is a section in the "Deep Night Cafeteria". It is probably a strong man with a beard and a slap. He uses all kinds of summer vegetables and small fish to chop it. He can eat a lot of bowls on the rice. It is very similar to the book. This is also a refreshing mixed vegetable bibimbap; like bitter gourd and kelp, when you eat it, you will naturally think of summer (laugh)



  1. Bitter gourd, kelp and fungus, cooked and diced

  2. Cut the carrot into small dices, cut the onions into pieces

  3. Add the above ingredients to the rice, add a little soy sauce and sesame oil, add black sesame seeds, mix well and eat.


1. The bitter gourd is best diced and then drowning, so it won't be too bitter; and the kelp and fungus are best simmered and then diced, so it is easy to handle some, otherwise the black particles will fly very well with the boiling water. . . 2. Onion, a bowl of such bibimbap, the amount is roughly three or four chopped green onion, adding some oral feelings, taste is not boring to eat. 3. Because the family will break the black sesame into powder, Here is the black sesame powder. If you have time, you can use the rolling pin to grind the sesame seeds instead of the whole grain. It should be more fragrant. 4. The soy sauce must be added less, do not grab the original taste of all kinds of vegetables and rice. the best

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