Recipe: Sugar osmanthus steamed rice cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Sugar osmanthus steamed rice cake


I went home to deal with things last week, and I went to the vegetable market to go shopping with my mother. I talked about the nowhere to buy a good rice cake in the capital, so my mother took me two new rice cakes and brought them back to the capital. After the rice cake was finished, it was wrapped in a bag, so it was not too hard, and it could be easily sliced ​​with a kitchen knife. So in the past few years, breakfast has changed into a rice cake. This sweet-scented osmanthus steamed rice cake can be used to relive the softness of the rice cake just made. Simple and delicious, you can try the Ningbo rice cake bought in the supermarket, but the dry mouth will be worse.



  1. Washed slices or cut thin sections of rice cake

  2. Apply sugar sweet-scented osmanthus on both sides of the cut rice cake. Or sprinkle with some sugar and dried osmanthus soaked in warm water.

  3. After the water in the pot is boiled, steam the rice cake on the pot for 8-10 minutes.


Ningbo rice cake is soft and chewy. Although the reputation of Luzhou rice cake is not as big as Ningbo rice cake, it tastes a lot better. For Luzhou people, it is necessary to order or buy a large number of rice cakes every year to make regular food at home. The water in the steamer is appropriate. Do not let the rice cake be soaked in steamed water, otherwise the taste will be bad.

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