Recipe: Sugar osmanthus rice cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Sugar osmanthus rice cake


There is no sweet-scented osmanthus in Australia. Every year after Christmas, I have already passed the flowering period of sweet-scented osmanthus, so I haven’t smelled the real sweet-scented osmanthus for many years. Until I returned to China last year, the weather was not so cold, I went to climb the mountain, and the road was full of silver laurels, which was very happy. A little unqualified to pick a small hand in his hand, has always kept the sweet sweet-scented osmanthus that he liked since childhood. I like rice cakes since I was a child, and I like to eat sweet. Grandma often makes this sugar sweet-scented osmanthus rice cake for me. This year, I brought a good polysaccharide osmanthus back to Australia. For me, the sweet-scented osmanthus rice cake is very simple, but it is the most taste of Jiangnan.



  1. Slice the rice cake. If it is a dried rice cake, use water to spread the rice cake.

  2. Put the rice cake into the pot, add a small amount of freshly boiled water, and just cover the rice cake.

  3. The fire is opened to the maximum and the rice cake pieces are boiled soft.

  4. Turn into a small fire, pour the sweet-scented osmanthus into the pot, carefully stir, do not break the rice cake pieces.

  5. It’s ok to make the soup thick.


I personally like this way of boiling, or you can use a frying method, pour a small amount of oil into the non-stick pan, fry the rice cake pieces to the surface, add sugar sweet-scented osmanthus, stir fry quickly, then pour hot water. Just cover the amount of rice cake, and the soup can be thickened.

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