Recipe: Sufo Jumping Wall

Home Cooking Recipe: Sufo Jumping Wall



  1. 3. Use wide bean sprouts and shiitake mushrooms to widen the water. It takes at least 30 to 40 minutes. Then filter, clear soup with salt and flavor (optional) seasoning.

  2. The clams that have been cut into mahjong blocks will be fried to keep the outer hard and soft. Then the bran is also used for oil.

  3. The deep bowl (which can be used to keep the temperature of the finished product in the casserole) is covered with the fried steamed bread, and all the main materials are placed once. You can shop more than once. But we like to eat steamed bread, only a layer of the main material.

  4. Inject the plain soup into the bowl until it has not been used.

  5. After the fire on the cage, turn to medium heat and keep steaming for one hour. Make all the ingredients into the taste, turn off the fire.

  6. Add a little oil in the wok and stir fry the mixed vegetables. Season with thin salt, thicken and pour over the vegetables.

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