Recipe: Strawberry wine

Home Cooking Recipe: Strawberry wine


I started to want to make strawberry wine because...there is a creamy strawberry sold in a place near the house. It is very delicious. The finished product is sweet and sour, of course, you can also DIY yourself.



  1. Wash the strawberries carefully, pick out the strawberries that have no trauma, carefully remove the stalks, don't hurt the strawberries, don't use them if you hurt them, or you will cry after a week.

  2. Wipe dry with a paper towel after stalking, do not touch the water (very important)

  3. I like lemon juice or lemon slices. I use lemon juice. If you use lemon slices, use half a lemon slice to put the slice on the bottom of the container. Then carefully put the strawberries, remember to put them in the rough and throw them in.

  4. Pour a small piece of rock sugar and add it as you like.

  5. Pour the wine, you can have a strawberry

  6. Seal, soak for one week at room temperature, then put it in the refrigerator, soak for about two weeks, shake it gently every day.

  7. At this point, the color of the strawberry has been precipitated, and most of it will turn white. Shake well, pour the wine into another container, if you have a request for the wine, you can finally filter it with activated carbon and drink the remaining strawberries.


I am absolutely not strongly recommended to use Chinese liquor, the reason is very simple, China's white wine plus the fragrance too Nyima! ! Siberian vodka or the Dutch vodka, the water quality is good, the taste price is very suitable, the taste is suitable for boys. The girl's words recommend silver rum, although the degree is the same, but softer than vodka.

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