Recipe: Strawberry Mousse 8 inch

Home Cooking Recipe: Strawberry Mousse 8 inch


Half a month ago, the long grass oven was started. In order to make room for the oven, the microwave oven was shot on the BBS in the same city. Since the oven has entered the house, happiness has risen, from hurricanes to cookies, from pizza to egg tarts. Refer to the recipes in the kitchen before and after the test, never found yourself so talented! It turns out that life can be so beautiful! This cake is the first show of the landlord, a successful, very emotional, began to move a little thought of selling! The taste is really good, the sale also needs to be refined!



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Take half of the strawberries and use a cooking machine to make a paste.

    Take half of the strawberries and use a cooking machine to make a paste.

  2. Gelidin is soaked in warm water in advance (not hot water, it will be soaked), take a clean and oil-free pot, strawberry juice and gelatin are cooked together, while stirring and stirring. Let go and let it cool.

  3. Mousse liquid production: 50% sugar is added to the cream and sent to 70%. Don't hit the level of scenting. It is not the taste of mousse. Just hit the level that can flow! Add the cool strawberry glysin mixture and mix well.

  4. The middle part of the hurricane cake is cut open, one layer is close to the bottom end of the 8-inch round mold, and the other layer is cut into 6-inch size for use.

  5. Take 10 strawberries and cut them in half, and align them with the bottom layer of the hurricane (the strawberry cuts the side of the mold).

  6. Pour the creamy strawberry mousse solution, slightly below the bottom hurricane, put another 6-inch hurricane, and pour the remaining mousse. The surface layer of the mousse was smoothed with a spatula and placed in the refrigerator for one night.

  7. Mirror surface preparation: QQ sugar and the same volume of water, the pot is melted into a liquid, allowed to cool to room temperature, and gently poured on the frozen cake. Be careful to let it cool down and then pour it, otherwise it will burn the mousse.

  8. There are a few strawberries left to decorate.

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