Recipe: Strawberry milk French toast

Home Cooking Recipe: Strawberry milk French toast


The egg mixture is mixed with strawberries and condensed milk to change the lovely pink color. The ingredients also add a lot of strawberries, sweet French toast filled with girlish hearts. Fang Zi is from the French Toast & Hot Sandwich material for two people.



  1. The strawberry in the sauce material A is kneaded and mixed with eggs, milk, and condensed milk. Soak the bread on a single side of the strawberry egg milk for five minutes, then turn over and continue to soak for five minutes.

  2. Put a large spoonful of butter in a pan and melt it in medium heat. After all the butter has melted, put it in half. Step 1. Use a small fire to medium heat to fry for 1 to 2 minutes to color.

  3. After turning over the lid, cover the lid and leave some slits. Wait for 1~2 minutes and steam until the surface is golden yellow. The remaining bread is also made in the same way.

  4. For the plate, put the strawberries cut into 5mm small diced on the toast and pour the condensed milk.


1. The strawberries in the egg liquid are crushed as much as possible to facilitate even mixing with the material. 2. Toast I use the most common white toast, as long as it is a soft toast that can fully absorb the egg liquid in a short time. 3. Decoration I used roasted strawberries, add a spoonful of cream, you can change it according to your own preferences~

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