Recipe: Strawberry Charlotte (Blue Ribbon)

Home Cooking Recipe: Strawberry Charlotte (Blue Ribbon)


Charlotte is known as the lady's hat, and it has always been a very pleasing cake in appearance, no matter which one looks full of amazing feelings. Now in the strawberry season, I always want to try a variety of strawberry-related cakes~ This time, Strawberry Charlotte uses the recipe in "Blue Ribbon Pastry II", from strawberry jam to strawberry babalu, strawberry liqueur There are also strawberries themselves. Strawberries are presented in the same cake in different forms. In a sense, they can be said to be strawberries from the inside out. Fang is involved in the production and assembly of two kinds of cake body, Italian meringue and Barbary, which is somewhat complicated. (If you have a lack of love for commercial jams, you can also make homemade jams and reserve some pickling liquid to freeze them. When you make a cake, you will add a lot of color to the cake.



  1. 【Almond sponge】Sift the powdered sugar, almond powder and low-gluten flour (universal sieve can be used without special purpose), add half of the eggs and stir with eggbeater, then add the remaining eggs to the mixture. Evenly until the batter turns white, then add the happy jam and mix well (if not available).

  2. [Almond Sponge] Put the melted butter in another pot and add a little (Step 1) to the almond batter and mix well.

  3. [Almond Sponge] Egg whites are added to the sugar twice or three times. Take a little bit of the egg white and mix it with the material of (Step 1). Mix well in the remaining egg white, and finally mix the ingredients (Step 2). Batter.

  4. [Almond sponge] Preheat the oven at 180 °C, pour the batter slowly into the center of the baking tray with baking paper, wipe the whole baking tray with L trowel, trim the edges and bake for about 10 minutes. After baking, move to the grid to cool (the surface can be covered with a layer of baking paper to prevent the cake from hardening). (Must be said: the original party did not write how much the baking tray is, but according to the latter step, it should be a rectangular baking sheet of more than 50cm, and the final cake thickness is about 5MM, which is very thin cake piece, similar to the baking opera cake. I used a 28cm square baking dish to bake the weight of the two plates. The cake piece is very thin, this step must be kept next to the oven, otherwise it is very easy to bake the cake hard.)

  5. [Divided egg sponge cake] sifted with low-gluten flour and almond powder. The egg yolk is broken up. Add the egg whites three times to the fine sugar and send it. Add the egg yolk solution and mix well. Add the sifted powder and mix well.

  6. [Divided egg sponge cake] The batter was placed in a flower bag with a 5 mm diameter silk flower head. Two round 16 cm diameter rounds were sprinkled and sprinkled with powdered sugar. Bake in an oven at 190 ° C for 10-12 minutes until the surface is colored and the bottom edge is lightly colored.

  7. The previously cooled [Almond Sponge Cake] is divided into six strips 8 cm wide. Spread the baking paper inside the baking tray, apply the strawberry jam to the first piece of the cake face down, apply a layer of jam to each layer in the same way, cover the remaining cake embryos, compact with a grid, and chill in the refrigerator for 2 hours.

  8. [Italian protein cream], the fine sugar and water are put into the pot and heated to a small spherical bubble (the temperature is about 117 ° C at this time), and the added protein is added in a line, and the protein is continuously sprayed while adding sugar water. The protein is shiny and the egg bowl temperature drops.

  9. [Strawberry Mousse], the bright film is softened with ice water. Put 1/3 strawberry jam in the pot, heat the sugar and turn off the heat. Add the soft plain film to stir. Then add the remaining amount of strawberry jam and lemon juice, and cool them with ice water.

  10. [Strawberry Mousse] Put the fresh cream to 6 distribution status (do not hit too hard, it will affect the taste), add 1/3 into the prepared [Italian protein cream], mix well, then add the remaining fresh cream Mix well.

  11. [Strawberry Mousse] When the material of the previous step 9 is thick, add a small amount of the material of the step 10, mix well, add the remaining material of the step 10, and mix well.

  12. There are still some of these two days more...

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