Recipe: Straw mushroom mixed vegetables

Home Cooking Recipe: Straw mushroom mixed vegetables


When I was a child, I couldn’t understand the mystery. How did the straw mushroom hide the bag of fresh soup in my pocket? This dish, the fresh juice of the mushroom; the softness of the carrot; the crispness of the cabbage; the sweetness of the green pepper of the lantern.



  1. Stir-fried cabbage and green peppers, pick up after half-cooked

  2. Stir-fried mushrooms and carrots, and under the soup (I use the soup of braised pork), let the straws absorb the water, and the carrots become soft.

  3. After a while, open the fire and cover the juice.

  4. When you receive the juice and dry quickly, put the previously fried cabbage and green pepper, and mix the salt and season.

  5. It is best to fry with oyster sauce, and vegetarian dishes will be more delicious. Carotene is fat-soluble, and it is easier to absorb with oyster sauce.

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