Recipe: Stir-fried leeks [Pink memories]

Home Cooking Recipe: Stir-fried leeks [Pink memories]


Zhang Ailing wrote: During the season when the leeks are on the market, I always hold a bowl of eucalyptus oil, purple and red squid, and the white garlic stalks are dyed in light pink. Amaranth is also called geese red, more poetic and conform to the name of nature. In the early summer, garlic is fried with a plate of leeks, garlic cloves and soup are all addictive pink, the color of the flower, and the color of the early summer.



  1. Let the leeks go to the old branches, do not cut the knife, keep a complete one. Cut the garlic into petals.

  2. Pour oil into the pan, when the oil is hot and slightly smoke, the garlic cloves, musk. Pour the leeks, start a big fire, and stir fry quickly.

  3. Stir-fried until the break, add a small amount of salt, stir fry a few times, start the pot.


This dish is really simple, but often the simplest and most complicated. The amount of heat and salt is very important. Personally think that the salt can not be put too much, so far.

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