Recipe: Sticky rice noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Sticky rice noodles


I will tell you casually that I actually used sticky rice noodles because I could not find the flour. = =. . . .



  1. Beat two eggs evenly

  2. Add the right amount of sticky rice powder to the sticky

  3. Add a little milk. At this time, the batter looks thinner than before.

  4. Continue to stir evenly

  5. Hot pot, oil, fried


Be sure to stir evenly and fry the pan. Otherwise, every piece of batter that is fried like me will taste different. It will be faster after the oil pan. . . Oh, you will know if you try. . The taste of the cake fried with sticky rice noodles is not as soft as flour. Anyway, another kind of taste is like ~~ I don’t like it, I will see it.

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