Recipe: Stewed white radish

Home Cooking Recipe: Stewed white radish


"Winter eating radish and eating ginger in summer", eating radish this season is no better. Whether it's stewed lamb, pork ribs, boiled cabbage, tofu, and white radish, it always makes the taste more delicious and enhances the nutritional value. Even if you only use one white radish, you can make delicious food.



  1. Washed and peeled white radish

  2. Cut thick pieces (about 1.5cm) for use

  3. Put the oil in the pot, pour the radish and stir fry slightly after the heat.

  4. Pour in the right amount of water and boil

  5. Add soy sauce and salt, simmer over low heat

  6. Stew until the radish is ripe, translucent and crystal clear

  7. Plate, sprinkle with chopped green onion, finish


1, only a little salt and soy sauce, no need for other spices, to maintain the original flavor of the radish itself 2, chopped green onions should not be omitted, can bring out the sweetness of radish

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