Recipe: Stewed Meat

Home Cooking Recipe: Stewed Meat


The meat is a traditional Lu cuisine. In the recipe, I will make a traditional simplification of some complicated procedures of the meat, and also change the cooking method to "steaming". This is relatively simple, and there is no problem of the size of the firepower. It is also possible to steam a few more bowls at the same time. The steamed meat tastes more savory and the mouth is instant. The shape is complete and beautiful, and it is attractive to appetite.



  1. The skin with the pork belly is clipped with the scorpion and the hair remaining in the pig skin is cleaned. Cut into large pieces 1cm thick. Ginger slices, onions cut into segments.

  2. The flat-bottomed non-stick pan is hot, and the pork belly slices are fragrant on both sides. When some of them are browned, they can be taken out and placed in a container. Then, add soy sauce, cooking wine, sweet sauce, sugar, salt to the fried meat slices and mix well. Make each piece of meat evenly stick to the sauce.

  3. Take two bowls of the right size, arrange the pieces of meat evenly in the bowl, and evenly deposit the remaining sauce on the pieces. Put a small piece of onion on the top slice of the meat, a large piece of ginger, 1/2 star anise. Pour in 1/3 bowl of water. In a steamer or rice cooker, steam for 2 hours. No plastic wrap or lid is required.

  4. After steaming, pour the whole bowl of meat into the casserole and boil it on the fire.


If you use a flat-bottom non-stick pan to fry the meat, you don't need to put oil. After a little frying, the oil in the flakes will melt out automatically. Add about 1/3 bowl of water to prevent the steamed meat from drying out and the taste will not be crisp.

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