Recipe: Stewed kidney beans

Home Cooking Recipe: Stewed kidney beans


[Northeast cuisine] Because it is stewed with purple beans, the color is very heavy after the pan, the photo is a bit dark, double dull.. But it is very delicious and simple.



  1. Heat the oil to 60%, put the chopped green onion and pepper noodles

  2. Medium to small fire. Then add the meat and continue to fry, add two spoons of sauce and stir fry until the meat is evenly smeared.

  3. Add the glutinous beans and stir fry, so that all the kidney beans are soaked in sauce and oil, and the color is bright.

  4. Add water, the amount of water can cover the cowpeas

  5. Put the chopped potatoes into the pan. Zhongda live stew for 15-20 minutes

  6. Open the pot, take the soup, add chicken essence, salt

  7. Out of the pot


Try before the pan, the time is uncertain depending on the variety of the beans.

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