Recipe: Steamed Wuchang fish

Home Cooking Recipe: Steamed Wuchang fish



  1. Wuchang fish to scale, sputum, go to the internal organs, wipe the black film and clean it, the diagonal knife draws a few knives on the fish

  2. Put the fish and wine in and out, and marinate for about 15 minutes.

  3. Green onions, ginger shredded spare

  4. Divide the chopped green onions and ginger into three portions, one at the bottom of the plate, one in the belly of the fish, and one on the surface of the fish.

  5. Topped with steamed fish oyster sauce. Add water to the steamer, put the fish in, and boil for 10 minutes after the fire is boiled.

  6. Transfer plate, the surface is dotted with red pepper rings, small onion

  7. Put the oil in the hot pot, pour the juice from the steamed fish plate, boil it and pour it on the fish, then steam it back for 3 minutes.

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