Recipe: Steamed Wuchang fish

Home Cooking Recipe: Steamed Wuchang fish


There are many ways to steam fish. Everyone has their own set of practices. I am a leader of the family, plus my own understanding and habits of gourmet food. I dare not say how authentic, but the taste is true. Not bad, tender as tofu, fragrant like crab meat, light and refreshing, fish meat is delicate and delicate, the soup is fresh and fragrant, keeping the original flavor. The practice is also very simple and will take no more than twenty minutes.



  1. Rinse the fish that has gone to the scales and internal organs, cut it at a distance of one centimeter from the head of the fish, and gently pry out the inside of the line, pay attention to both sides.

  2. Dip a few knives on both sides, apply salt and cooking wine, and smear in the belly of the fish, marinate for about 10 minutes.

  3. At the bottom of the plate, sprinkle some onion, ginger, put the fish on the plate, sprinkle with onion and ginger on the fish belly and the fish.

  4. Put a proper amount of water in the steamer. After boiling, put the fish in the pan and steam for 7-8 minutes, then turn off the heat and steam for 2-3 minutes.

  5. Take out the fish, pick up the onion ginger, take another dish and put the fish in. Sprinkle the freshly cut onion, ginger and red pepper on the fish.

  6. In the wok, add a little oil to heat, pour the steamed fish sauce in the steamed fish pan into the pan, then add the appropriate amount of steamed fish oil, boil it and evenly pour it on the fish.


1. The Wuchang fish used for steaming must be fresh, and it is now ready to be killed. 2. The knife is cut on the fish to make the fish better marinated, so that the fish is more ripe and better. After the steamer is opened, put the fish into the pot. Don't steam the fish on the pot. It will be steamed. The secret of many steamed dishes is that the food is steamed after the water is opened. 3. When steaming fish, keep it full of steam and steam until the fisheye protrudes. Be careful not to steam the fish. 4. The onion section and the ginger piece are placed in the bottom of the plate in order to make the fish body penetrate into the heat and cook evenly, and cook quickly, and also maintain the tenderness of the fish. 5. Red pepper is just for decoration, no need to put it, put one or two pieces of coriander leaves will be more beautiful, but unfortunately not at home.

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