Recipe: Steamed squid with mushrooms

Home Cooking Recipe: Steamed squid with mushrooms



  1. Wash the squid and drain the water; wash the mushrooms, remove the stalks, and cut into thin slices. Washed and chopped small peppers, chives and minced

  2. Take a small bowl, add a spoonful of steamed fish oyster sauce, add a spoonful of cooking wine, a little salt, stir well to make a flavored juice. Put the squid in the dish, place the sliced ​​mushrooms on the squid, and evenly mix the prepared juice.

  3. The water in the pot is opened, and the squid is steamed in a steamer for 6 minutes, then the fire is turned off. Open the lid, sprinkle with chopped red pepper, scallions, and cover the lid for 2 minutes.

  4. The whole production process is so simple, you don't need to refuel, you don't need to use too much kitchen utensils, you can enjoy healthy and delicious side dishes easily.


The ones that are bought in the supermarket are generally frozen. When selecting, the ice should be thinner, the squid is thicker, and the scales are distinct.

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