Recipe: Steamed squid

Home Cooking Recipe: Steamed squid



  1. Fish go to the sputum, go to the internal organs, wash the fish body on both sides of the knife, prepare steamed fish oil, onion, ginger

  2. The onion segments are cut in half and placed in a fish dish

  3. Place the fish flat on the onion section to make the fish more evenly heated

  4. Add cold water to the pan, boil the fish and place the fish on the cage to cover the lid. After steaming, steam for 4 minutes.

  5. Pour the water from the steamed fish in the dish, and the ginger pieces are also pulled out.

  6. Poured with steamed fish oil and olive oil

  7. Steam on the pot for another 3 minutes, turn off the heat for 2 minutes to get out of the pot.

  8. Sprinkle with ingredients, parsley can also


1. When the fish is steamed to half the time, you need to wear insulated gloves or use a wet towel to take out the fish plate. After the water of the steamed fish in the dish is quickly dumped, immediately put the cage and continue to steam, which can effectively remove the fishy smell; 2, no need to add salt, because the sea fish itself has a salty taste, steamed fish oil also has a salty taste. A low-salt diet is good for health; 3, steamed fish to use a big fire, water to boil and then put the fish, cover the lid from the steam to calculate the time - small fish 5-7 minutes, medium-sized fish 7-10 minutes, larger Fish 10-12 minutes; 4, fresh fish steamed, stewed or braised, can preserve the true flavor of the fish, meat is delicious, nutrients are not easy to lose. It is best not to fry for children, otherwise it will not only destroy nutrition, but also increase a lot of harmful substances. 5. If the fish is not very fresh, do not steam, use braised or fried.

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