Recipe: Steamed spring bamboo shoots

Home Cooking Recipe: Steamed spring bamboo shoots


Sliced ​​bacon from your own home, steamed with bamboo shoots, traditional dishes, quick and easy, super meal!



  1. The bamboo shoots are shelled, washed and sliced, and placed in a plate.

  2. Slice the bacon and discharge it on the bamboo shoots.

  3. Sprinkle with rice wine and put onion, both of which are used to make incense.

  4. Steam in a pot for 15-20 minutes. (When steaming rice, steamed on the rice rack~ fragrant!)


Pork belly, leg meat can be, fat and thin, fat and thin. Bacon is very convenient to pickle at home, and the temperature is low in winter, which is most suitable. Use pepper and coarse salt. Simply put, fresh meat should not be washed first, directly with coarse salt, and the front and back sides are smeared and sprinkled with pepper. Then look for heavy objects on the meat (my household is filled with water bucket ==), pickled for a week, the meat is turned over once in the middle, the meat will be marinated. Pour it off. Then hang the meat out of the room and blow the northwest wind northward. Air dried (about half a month - 20 days). Then put it away and put it in the freezer compartment. (It will take a long time to dry with the air.) (wash again when eating:))

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