Recipe: Steamed scallions

Home Cooking Recipe: Steamed scallions


Today, the package is made of Hunan cuisine - steamed citron. Because it is rich in cellulose, steamed bread has the effect of losing weight and detoxification. But in addition, there is another effect that Shantou may not be known. The steamed bread has a high fluorine content, has the function of cleaning teeth and protecting teeth, and eating more steamed buns. Maybe you will open your mouth with a big smile. At the time, there is a style of dental advertising stars.



  1. The citron is peeled, washed and cut into diamond pieces, washed with ginger, garlic and shallots.

  2. Hot oil in the pot, when 60% hot, go into the steamed buns, dry the water in the middle heat, and make it ready for use.

  3. Mix the salt with pepper, ginger, minced garlic, oyster sauce, chicken, and cardamom, soak in hot oil until cooked, let cool

  4. Pour the cooled chopped pepper juice on the citron block, steam in the cage for 8 minutes, and sprinkle with chopped green onion.


Answer a few questions about the package: I. Q: What is the miso, where is the sale? A: The miso I use is a Korean-style sauce that is sold at the condiment counters of major supermarkets. Second, there are a lot of packages to ask for bamboo curtains for sushi. A: Beijing's cheese can go to the Japanese food counters of the big supermarkets such as Yichu Lotus and Beijing Hualian. There are also there. In addition, there are also the supermarkets of Kaiyang Bridge. The foreign brands also go to the big supermarkets. Look, or try some Taobao shops, I will not report the name, so as not to be advertised.

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