Recipe: Steamed pork ribs with plum sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Steamed pork ribs with plum sauce


Steamed pork ribs are a home-cooked Cantonese dish. They are usually made by kneading their own pickled plums and mixing the seasonings with the ribs. The sweet and sour plum sauce can activate your appetite.



  1. 350 g of ribs is changed into a uniform small piece, washed and drained; add 1 tablespoon of sugar and mix well for 15 minutes;

  2. 25 grams of plum sauce, 1 tablespoon of soy sauce, 1 tablespoon of soy sauce (bean sauce), 2 tablespoons of cooking oil, 2 tablespoons of dry starch and ribs are mixed well and marinated for more than 2 hours (more taste will be more) ;

  3. Put the marinated ribs in a pan and steam for 15 to 20 minutes (the soft rot can extend the steaming time).


The pork ribs will be tenderer when fed with sugar before cooking. This is the traditional secret of Cantonese people; the plum sauce market is rare. I am online shopping, the price is moderate, the express delivery is convenient; the use is also very much, super like.

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