Recipe: Steamed pork ribs

Home Cooking Recipe: Steamed pork ribs


Guangdong sausage powder is a rice product, the taste is similar to that of river powder, but it is rolled into a pig intestine, so it is also called pig intestine powder. Legend has it that the name was also from the grandfather of Qianlong. When he went south to Yuexi, he tasted the intestines and praised him. He said, "This rice noodle is a bit like a pig intestine!" In fact, the intestinal powder is the most common food in our life, but it is also the food that many people never eat. Cantonese breakfast, the intestinal powder often plays a leading role. This ordinary thing, you can eat in the market, and the high-end tea house is also indispensable. High-quality gut powder, full of the natural aroma of rice, a slightly transparent appearance, smooth and smooth Q-bomb. The intestines are usually steamed, and the easiest way to eat them is to use soy sauce, which is original. You can also simmer sesame sauce, seafood sauce, garlic and so on. It can also be steamed with meat, olives, and shrimp. The refreshing taste of the gut powder, you can use it as a white paper, as a painter, you can smudge it. Delineate your own taste. Steamed pork ribs are a classic home-cooked Cantonese dish. What kind of feeling does it give us when we simmer the pork ribs and the intestines? The intestines are refreshing, and the simmered pork ribs taste slightly thicker. In just ten minutes of steaming, the fragrant sap of the ribs has penetrated into the intestines. When you eat, pour a little soy sauce and hot oil and mix well. This dish has a staple food, a leeks, and it is also very quick to make. Whether you are on a busy day or a leisurely holiday, try this Cantonese dish~



  1. The intestinal powder is cut into 3 cm segments, and the ribs are cut into 2 cm segments.

  2. The ribs are marinated with soybean meal, some of which are soy sauce, white sugar, raw flour, and onion ginger for more than 15 minutes. Spread on the gut powder

  3. Boil a pot of water and steam the pork ribs on the pan for 10 minutes.

  4. Heat the oil, pour the oil on the pork ribs, and then pour the remaining soy sauce.


If you can't buy pork sausage powder, it is good to replace the taste with ordinary rice flour and river powder.

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