Recipe: Steamed hairy crab

Home Cooking Recipe: Steamed hairy crab



  1. Because I don't tie crabs, I have to use the following methods. You can ask the seller to tie them directly when you are in the crab, so you don't have to do a lot of early tossing like me.

  2. Put the onion ginger in the bowl, put the crab on top, buckle a bowl, and put the crab's leg into it by hand.

  3. Turn the crabs together with the bowl and place them at the end of the day.

  4. After the fire is steamed for 8 minutes (see the size of the crab), boring for 5 minutes. You can open it and eat it~~~


1 If the crab is steamed twice, you can control it. If you want to steam more, it is recommended to ask the owner to wash it when you buy it. If you want to wash it, you can do it. Now you usually have this service. 2 The steaming time of the crab should not be too long, usually within 10 minutes. If the head is particularly large, it needs to be extended for a few minutes. 3 crab sweat, it is best to use yellow wine ginger vinegar to eat. 4 pregnant women and seafood allergy system carefully eat; 5 Crabs have more creamy yellows. Even eating more than one will cause cholesterol to exceed the standard. Therefore, it is recommended not to exceed 2 at a time.

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