Recipe: Steamed hairy crab

Home Cooking Recipe: Steamed hairy crab



  1. Brush the hairy crabs in advance, and ask the vendors to tie them with straw ropes in advance. The ginger is cut into fine pieces, and some ginger is cut into ginger pieces.

  2. Add steam to the steamer, put the ginger and onion into the water, (or pour a small spoon of rice wine) and put the scorpion, put the tied live crab on it, cover it, steam it in the cold water 15-18 Minutes (the time of steaming depends on the size of the crab)

  3. Ginger and a little white sugar, red vinegar, tune into a dip, served with steamed crab


1. The crabs and crabs must be eaten lively. Dead crabs cannot be eaten and cause serious food poisoning; 2, steamed crab water with ginger, onion and rice wine is to go to the crab's astringency, in addition, the crab must be served with ginger vinegar, not only can go to simmer can also highlight the deliciousness of crab meat, and the thermal properties of ginger The coldness of the crab. 3, crab cold, should not eat more, so as not to cause abdominal pain, diarrhea. 4, crabs should not be eaten with tea, beer and persimmon, but warm rice wine is the perfect match for eating crabs.

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