Recipe: Steamed flower carved crab

Home Cooking Recipe: Steamed flower carved crab



  1. Hold the crab body with one hand and wash the crab body with the brush in the other hand.

  2. Put the crab into the pot, sprinkle the Huadiao wine evenly, cover the lid and press on the heavy object for 5 minutes.

  3. Add a proper amount of water to the steamer. After the fire is boiled, remove the crab from the pot and place it on the curtain in the pot. Pour the flower carving wine at the bottom of the pot onto the crab. Cover the lid and steam for 10 minutes

  4. Peel the ginger into the small bowl, add the balsamic vinegar, sugar, and mix thoroughly into ginger vinegar


1, crab is a cold food, with ginger vinegar, flower carving, can play a role in the cold. 2, the crab itself is fresh and sweet, plus the flower carving to steam enough salty, no need to season with salt.

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