Recipe: Steamed fish

Home Cooking Recipe: Steamed fish


The fish is best for spring, Then you know how to eat the most nutritious fish? Compared with frying, frying, frying, stewing, steaming is a particularly recommended method. It can preserve nutrients to the utmost extent. What can you do to steam the fish?



  1. First of all, choose the chilled octopus sold in the market. In the details of the treatment of fish, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that thousands of scales cannot be scraped. This fish scale has oil. This fat is an unsaturated fatty acid. It has cholesterol lowering and must be removed from the inner wall. The black membrane, as well as the blood line near the spine, remove the fish head and dorsal fins, and then cut the fish into segments.

  2. Next, marinate, add some salt, chicken, pepper, a few peppers, a little cooking wine, add the onion ginger and grab it, marinate for 20 minutes, marinate and add the chicken and salt before steaming, because the first time Adding salt will take away some of the fish's own astringency and moisture. The second time you add salt, you will add some oil. Add some oil before the pot. Then you can steam. Remember to steam and steam for 10 minutes. So the fish will be very fresh and not old.

  3. After the fish is steamed, pour the steamed fish oyster sauce, spread the onion and ginger, and use a hot oil to pour it. How to do it is simple enough, you can try it.

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