Recipe: Steamed chicken with red onion

Home Cooking Recipe: Steamed chicken with red onion



  1. Cut the red onion four shreds, wash the chicken chopped pieces with water (can use kitchen paper to absorb water), add the shallot, ginger, cooking wine, salt, sugar, pepper, chicken powder and marinate 30-60 minute

  2. Mix the marinated chicken pieces with a little raw flour before steaming, so that the chicken will not be too much water after steaming.

  3. Cut the remaining three red shallots, shred the oil in a wok, add the red onion and fry until golden, and pour the fried red onion with oil on the marinated chicken nuggets (I don’t want oil, only Put a little oil to fry the onion, and the result is a little bit fried, poured on the chicken, the effect is not very good. This step can also be omitted, if you use the fried fragrant red onion head poured on it will be more Fragrant)

  4. Put the chicken in the steamer, boil over high heat, steam for 20 minutes.

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