Recipe: Steamed chicken drumsticks

Home Cooking Recipe: Steamed chicken drumsticks


Quick home cooking, delicious and laid out, I have eaten a quarter before I think about taking photos (sweat)



  1. It is easier to taste the chicken legs by cutting them off the bones. Put the chicken in a container and don't throw the bones.

  2. Pour the sauce and rice flour in the bag of rice noodles into the container and add a little water to mix well.

  3. Cut the potatoes in the process of pickling the chicken. Don't cut the pieces too small, but be thinner.

  4. Find a large plate. Place the potato chips on the bottom of the plate and place the marinated chicken legs.

  5. Steam on the pot!

  6. Steamed the pot and sprinkled with chopped green onion!

  7. Began to eat!

  8. The bones left before can burn soup~ I will write recipes later.


I used a spicy powdered pork seasoning. Compared with the ribs, the chicken legs are more Q-shaped. The potato chips below absorb the sauce and are noodles. Because there are some mushrooms left on the slices, they are sliced ​​and put on. This dish is top-notch!

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