Recipe: Steamed baby dish with garlic

Home Cooking Recipe: Steamed baby dish with garlic


I haven't updated the recipe for the kitchen for a while, because the more I have been in the kitchen for a long time, the more I suspect that I am really cooking. For example, before PO steamed vegetables, I searched the recipes of others already in the kitchen and found that their practices were much more complicated. But I made it really delicious with my simple method. . . . Very confusing! Share it.



  1. After the cabbage/baby dish is washed, the code is good (the code can be multi-coded)

  2. Use garlic (garlic is more delicious, only half a garlic is found when cooking today), salt, MSG (a little, can not put), add peanut oil and mix well, then evenly spread the sauce on the top of the dish .

  3. After the water is opened, put it in the pot and steam it. You can add some peanut oil/sesame oil to add flavor before the pan.


Those who are hot can add some pepper rings.

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