Recipe: Starry whole wheat toast

Home Cooking Recipe: Starry whole wheat toast


Star toast is really beautiful, thanks to @_慧绘美食记_ the original recipe. I made a slight change here and made a star-studded whole-wheat toast. When I was kneading, I was worried that the color of wheat bran would not look good. Fortunately, it had no effect at all, and it also increased the flavor of whole wheat. Thanks again for the original recipe



  1. Add 10g of butterfly bean flower to 150ml of boiling water, soak the color, squeeze out 122g of juice as much as possible, let it cool, and set aside.

  2. High-gluten flour, whole wheat flour, salt, sugar, yeast, and blue juice are mixed into a smooth dough.

  3. Add butter and continue to knead until full expansion.

  4. Finish the dough, one round, fermented to 2 times the dough at 28 ° C for about 2 hours.

  5. Take out a finished dough and vent. Add 54g of dough to the bamboo charcoal powder and mix well. The remaining dough is divided into two groups, which are rounded and relaxed for 15 minutes.

  6. The blue dough is long and the smaller one is covered with raisins and rolled up. The black dough is long, covered with raisins, and rolled up. The larger blue dough is covered with figs and raisins and rolled up.

  7. Put in the toast box in turn, carry out the second fermentation, and then send the second to the toast box for 9 minutes, preheat the oven.

  8. 185 ° C, 45 min.


The steps of the original recipe have been written very completely. Here, the changes are made into a whole wheat version, and the mold is a water cube.

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