Recipe: Squid tofu soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Squid tofu soup


The squid has a good nourishing effect on the spleen and stomach and asthma and diabetes. The tofu is rich in nutrients and rich in a variety of essential trace elements. Therefore, the squid tofu soup is an absolutely homemade and delicious nutritious soup.



  1. Make a few strokes on the fish. Hot oil in the pot, the squid is slightly fried on both sides, and it is ready for use.

  2. Tofu cut

  3. Cut the squid into the pot, add water, add cooking wine, onion, ginger and garlic

  4. Cook until the soup turns white and put in the tofu. Slowly simmer for 5 minutes

  5. After opening the lid, transfer the appropriate amount of salt and chicken essence.

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