Recipe: Squid soup (attached, fish skin is not broken, non-stick pan tips)

Home Cooking Recipe: Squid soup (attached, fish skin is not broken, non-stick pan tips)


I recently took care of the patient, and for the first time I did the squid and thought of creating this recipe. Memo. The taste is still very tasty, relatively light and nourishing. Welcome everyone to give more advice on this recipe, and correct me



  1. The squid is cleaned and cleaned to the internal organs, fish gills, scales, cut into sections, marinated with cooking wine, a little salt, and ginger onions for 15 minutes.

  2. Put a small amount of oil in the frying pan, put two slices of ginger, and put the fish into the pot and fry on both sides.

  3. Pour boiling water (must be boiled in order to get milky white soup). Put a little salt, a few pieces of ginger, and a portion of the onion section is boiled for five minutes and then turn to a small fire.

  4. Add a little sugar to the small fire for half an hour, or add a few drops of vinegar, then add in the simmer for half an hour. Add the parsley and diced green onion before the pan.


Attached: fried fish skin is not broken non-stick pan, the majority of people are using ginger to wipe the pot, I have to pick up the pot is poured into the pot and pinch a small amount of salt evenly into the pot. Remember to be a little bit, a little bit is enough, don't put too much salty ????

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