Recipe: Squid soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Squid soup


The ultra-simple squid soup seen on the Internet has changed a little on the basis of the original recipe.



  1. Cut the scallion portion of a green onion into small pieces and cut the garlic slices. Saute with olive oil.

  2. Then add fennel seeds and freshly cut rosemary (dry rosemary is also OK, I use dry) and stir fry.

  3. Pour white wine (if not, I pour a little rice wine) and then boil.

  4. Add a small diced potato, a small tomato, and then add the broth. (Vegetable soup is also OK. If you use water, the taste will be worse)

  5. After boiling, turn to medium heat for 7-10 minutes.

  6. Add the diced squid. Then add salt to taste. You can add some pepper (I didn't add it). Then simmer for 10 minutes on low heat and do not stir in the middle.

  7. The remaining green onion leaves are cut into small pieces and finally sprinkled.

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