Recipe: Sprout

Home Cooking Recipe: Sprout


Sprout Variety: Sprout is made from the tender stems of mustard greens and is salted and sweet. Salty sprouts are produced in Nanxi, Zhangzhou and Yongchuan in Sichuan. They were founded in 1841. Sweet sprouts are produced in Yibin, Sichuan. They were called “Shufu Sprouts”. They were founded in 1921 and are now sold in Sichuan, Beijing and Tianjin. Shanghai and other places. Contains a variety of nutrients such as amino acids, proteins, vitamins and fats. With "fragrance, sweet, crisp, tender, fresh" and other characteristics



  1. Production method: In the late winter and spring, use the tender stems of mustard (IIpingzhuang) to form the same width as the chopsticks, and dry it to 13 kilograms per 100 kilograms, and layer the salt in the barrel and salt it; The sugar liquid is squirted to the extent of the silk, mixed with the side of the dish, and added with spices, and then the altar is tied with salted leaves, and the grass petals are tightly sealed. It is generally sold after 1 year of storage.

  2. Quality specifications: Yibin sprouts require brownish yellow color, moist and shiny, even roots, sweet and fragrant, salty and palatable, tender and crisp. No leaf, old stem, strange smell, mildew. Salty sprouts are green and yellow, moist, with even roots, tender and crisp, fragrant, salty and palatable, no old stems, strange smell, mildew.

  3. Nutritional ingredients: Sprout contains more nutrients. Each 100g contains: protein 4.9g fat 1.3g carbohydrate 35.7g, calories 174kcal, calcium 660mg, phosphorus 146mg, iron 27.7mg.

  4. Edible method: Sprout is sweet and crisp, sweet and fragrant. In addition to being used as a white base, it is often used for seasoning, such as soup, and noodles. Add some sprouts to the roast pork and fried pork to add flavor.


It is widely consumed, and it is suitable for both cold and hot. It is a good seasoning for steaming, stir-fry, soup and pasta... Yibin Sprout can be made with a variety of fine food, dishes, poultry, and vegetables. It has a long aftertaste and is the leader in Sichuan cuisine. In recent years, with the development of the food industry, people have introduced it into instant noodles, rice, canned food, quick-frozen foods, and scallions, scallions, Beijing, and Cantonese. More than 100 varieties, flowers and flowers, such as salty white, sprouted fried egg rice, Ye Erqi and so on.

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