Recipe: Spring rolls with chives and shredded pork

Home Cooking Recipe: Spring rolls with chives and shredded pork


Spring eating spring rolls~~~



  1. 韭 择 choose to go to the old skin residue, wash clean, cut a section of about 2 cm, drain the water.

  2. Mix the pork with a little starch, cooking wine and salt. This will make the shredded pork tenderer.

  3. Put the oil in the hot pot, pour the pork into the stir fry, add the scallions after the discoloration, add salt and chicken seasoning, and finally use a little wet starch to thicken.

  4. Take a spring roll and place the appropriate amount of stuffing in the middle and lower part of the skin, and wrap it from bottom to top. The last joint can be sealed with a little water.

  5. Put the oil in the pot to 60% heat, slide the spring rolls along the edge of the pot, slide into the oil pan, and fry until golden brown with medium heat.


When frying the stuffing, the time should not be too long. After the yellowing becomes soft, it will affect the taste. When rolling the spring rolls, the rolls must be tight, so that they are not easy to loose during the frying process.

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