Recipe: Spring bamboo shoots

Home Cooking Recipe: Spring bamboo shoots


Spring bamboo shoots are the stunner of spring. When spring bamboo shoots meet ribs, it is naturally delicious.



  1. From the oil pan, put the cleaned pork ribs, ginger slices, stir fry, add the cooking wine after discoloration

  2. Add soy sauce, stir-fry, add water to cover the ribs, boil and turn to low heat.

  3. After the spring bamboo shoots are peeled, cut the hob block, stir fry in the oil pan, add the pork ribs, and add a few oil tofu together.

  4. After 30 minutes of stewing, add rock sugar, a small spoonful of salt, and continue to stew.

  5. About 45 minutes, open fire to collect juice, OK

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