Recipe: Spinach scrambled eggs (the secret of the smell of fragrant spray)

Home Cooking Recipe: Spinach scrambled eggs (the secret of the smell of fragrant spray)


I am a person who loves eggs since childhood, and I will not let go of all kinds of eating. Spinach scrambled eggs, um, think about the soft chunks of eggs, you can not suppress the drooling of saliva ≥ _ ≤ this dish, how to stir the aroma, the secret is shrimp oil!



  1. Pick the spinach, wash it, cut it long, and drown it. Usually, after the water is opened, put the spinach in, and then just fish it out. Don't cook it, because this step is not to cook it. When you are not hot, squeeze the water from the spinach by hand.

  2. Beat the eggs and mix well. There is a little more oil in the pot, and the oil is hot, probably when a small amount of blue smoke emerges and the eggs are slipped in. Don't push it away until the bottom layer has completely solidified and then push it from the edge to the middle. My suggestion is not to fry the eggs, but to fry them into a whole piece. Cut them into large pieces with a frying pan before the pan. The highlight of this step is to fry with shrimp oil.

  3. Leave a little shrimp oil in the pot, of course, still use shrimp oil, we are secret weapons. Use a garlic casserole in a small fire (cut the slices and slice them at random), pour in the spinach, stir fry a few times, then pour a little cooking wine, stir fry, add salt, stir fry, and finally stir fry the fried egg pieces. .


* Once again, shrimp oil is really a top-secret weapon to upgrade this simple home cooking. * Spinach that has been sown in water must be squeezed out of the excess water before frying, because this is a quick-cooking dish, and it is better not to make the stew. * Eggs should use big fire, hot oil, don't fry. This is the fluffy taste, and the egg does not suck too much oil into it. *Because scrambled eggs are easier to taste, it is best to put the eggs in the final before the pan, so that the taste of the spinach is just right, but the eggs are very salty.

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