Recipe: Spinach pork loin paste

Home Cooking Recipe: Spinach pork loin paste


The noodle paste is a typical snack in Weinan. Of course, as a native of the country, you must have a special dish on the south of the country - spinach pig waist line paste



  1. Cut the pork loin, add the appropriate amount of salt, starch (corn starch) and mix evenly; spinach cut, cut chopped green onion, ginger shredded, spare

  2. From the oil pan, chopped green onion 5 matures out of the bowl; leave some oil in the pot and burst the raw ginger 5 mature, then pour into the pork loin and stir fry 9 mature, put it into the bowl

  3. If there is oil at the bottom of the pot, you can pour it directly into the boiling water and put in a small noodle line. (The upper line will absorb water, you don't need to put too much, just a small cluster.) Boil it and put it in the spinach. (The upper line itself is Salty, boiled when cooked, salt can be adjusted according to personal taste, I did not salt.) boil and cook, and finally pour the fried pork loin, turn it off slightly and turn off the fire. It’s not good for too long)

  4. Put the cooked spinach pork loin paste into a bowl, topped with scallions, sprinkle with white pepper, ready to eat.


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