Recipe: Spinach egg roll

Home Cooking Recipe: Spinach egg roll



  1. Beat the eggs, mix in a little salt and mix well; spinach washed and smashed, drained and chopped; crab sticks naturally thawed and chopped

  2. Put a little salad oil in the pot and pour it into 1/3 of the egg liquid. Sprinkle spinach and crab stick on top of it, then slowly roll it up.

  3. Pour the remaining egg liquid into the pot 2 times, and roll 2 as the core in the same way.

  4. Cut the prepared thick egg rolls into sections, wrap them in plastic wrap and store them in the refrigerator.


1. Cut the cut egg segments into pieces as shown in the figure. 2, fill the rice with half of the lunch, and set the egg roll in it, the other half with the stir-fry heart (you can also use other green vegetables), fried fish steak (the supermarket has semi-finished products, come back only need to be fried to golden This is the time left, if the time is sufficient, you can do it yourself.) Plum (put the fruit to your liking, hehe) fill up, and finally decorate the ham sausage letters.

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