Recipe: Spinach

Home Cooking Recipe: Spinach



  1. Dilute sesame sauce

  2. Put 2 tablespoons of sesame in a bowl and add some salt.

  3. Use chopsticks to circle in the same direction, while stirring, add a little cold water into it.

  4. Continue to stir in the same direction until the sesame sauce becomes thick. (This time you will smell a very rich 芝

  5. Scent of hemp

  6. Ok, then add the right amount of cool white, stir in the same direction until the consistency reaches your requirements.

  7. Spinach to yellow roots, wash, drowning

  8. Spinach quickly immersed in cold water after being fished out

  9. After the spinach is completely cold, remove the water and squeeze the water. Cut a knife from the middle and put it on the plate.

  10. Cooked peanuts crushed

  11. Add the appropriate amount of soy sauce to the sesame sauce, sesame oil

  12. Pour the ground peanuts and sesame sauce on the processed spinach. Mix well before eating.


When adjusting the sesame sauce, it is best to always stir in one direction. Add two drops of oil to the pot while the spinach is drowning, add some salt. . .

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