Recipe: Spicy stir fry

Home Cooking Recipe: Spicy stir fry


Spicy fried noodles - kitchen novices will also play well When some dishes, you don't know how to start it, please borrow the sauce to burn. Such a spicy stir-fry, seemingly complicated, in fact, all the sauce is in service. Of course, if you only pursue the taste of food, you should use white water instead of cooking.



  1. Soak in a light salt water for 2 hours, let it spit out the mud (must be salt water)

  2. Brush the outer shell with a toothbrush, cut the ginger garlic into a mud, and cut the green pepper into small circles.

  3. First boil the water in the pot, put down the drowning water, and open the opening in the boiling water. If there is no mouth opening, it will be discarded. Take the open clams and prepare them for cooking. (蛤蜊 can't be too long in the water, otherwise the meat will not taste good)

  4. Continue to pour the oil in the hot wok, burn to 60% heat, sauté the ginger and garlic, add the spicy sauce, bean paste, green and red pepper and stir-fry the salty and spicy taste (the fire can not be too big)

  5. Pour the simmer, pour the wine, stir fry until you taste it. (It should not be too long when fried, so that the meat will fall out of the shell)


The spicy sauce and bean paste are already salty, spicy and fresh. I have not added salt, soy sauce or MSG to the salty and fresh ingredients. Green and red peppers are used for embellishment. It doesn't matter if you put them in the morning and afterwards. You don't have to expect to get the VC you want from these grams of green pepper.

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