Recipe: Spicy silver fish

Home Cooking Recipe: Spicy silver fish



  1. Ginger and garlic are chopped into the end, dried chili is washed and seeded, and cut into the end, and the onion is cut; the silverfish is cleaned and dried with kitchen paper to absorb the moisture on the surface.

  2. Put the oil in the hot pot (slightly more than usual), put in the dried silver fish, stir fry until golden crispy

  3. Pour in two small spoons of cooking wine and stir well

  4. Put ginger, garlic, dried chili, stir-fry

  5. Stir in the appropriate amount of salt, add the chopped green onion, stir well, pour out the plate, sprinkle with a little fried white sesame


1. Washed silver fish dry with kitchen paper to absorb the moisture on the surface to prevent splashing oil when the pot is under; 2. When the fried silver fish is dry, the fire should not be too large to avoid burning; 3. The dried silver fish should be fried until golden and crisp, otherwise it will not bite.

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