Recipe: Spicy Shrimp

Home Cooking Recipe: Spicy Shrimp


The key to this dish is delicious: 1. Shrimp must be alive. I miss the grocery shopping in Guangzhou! Buying a lot of shrimp is only a few dozen pieces, the key is to live and jump, the meat is naturally tight and elastic. In Beijing, it is another look! I regret not taking the food market, I should expose the "black merchants" I met! The vegetable market near my home is like this - dead (sea white) shrimp stalls sold on wooden boards: 35 pieces a pound; live (sea white) shrimps like a model in the water tank: 45-48 pounds. Short and short, no matter what the first two, the key is! Obviously I bought live shrimp, but the boss will lick a lot of dead shrimp in the live shrimp! More than that, there are still many dead shrimps that are cheaper than sea white shrimps in dead shrimps! Therefore, the speed at which the boss fishes the shrimp is called "a style that cannot be overwhelmed!" Homeopathic, not only the dead shrimp went in, but also a large amount of water slid into the plastic bag, and instantly appreciated, it became a 45-pound "sea white live shrimp!" I was quick and aware of it, so I asked myself to pick it from plastic. There were a lot of shoddy bodies in the bag, and the boss finally couldn’t stand it. He was angry: "Oh, how are you doing this? I don’t sell you, okay?" It’s not him who violates the moral and commercial bottom line. it's me! My little p wolf is also a good person, and actually stopped me with the boss: "Forget it, just like this!" What a ghost, I bought a live shrimp, why pay for the deceptive behavior of the merchant! In this way, in the business of the cross-brows, I was angry and helpless to pay the bill, but despite the many dead shrimps in the bag, I had to sigh and talk about masturbation: forget it, never buy their shrimp again... I Why pay for it? Yes! Why should I pay for it! I can't buy it at all, right? Hey, hey! 2, shrimp to open the edge, go to the shrimp line for health, but also to be more tasteful, must remember! 3, the spice should be sautéed with small fire, the shrimp should be cooked on a large fire, the shrimp must not be a small fire, the meat will be chai, on the contrary, the spice fire can not be large, easy to change color and become bitter. Next, look at the steps:



  1. Wash the shrimp with starch, open the edges, go to the shrimp line, shrimp, and marinate with sea salt, pepper, sesame oil, cooking wine for 5 minutes, then use kitchen paper to absorb moisture; TIPS: starch used to clean shellfish, seafood, Meat, very good, can also remove the dirty things that are not easy to wash away; the spices are washed and drained.

  2. 60 degrees oil temperature, pour more oil, later can be used to fry shrimp; medium and small fire poured into spices: fragrant leaves, grass fruit, pepper, pepper, fennel, star anise, cinnamon, meat, stir-fry, about 3 5 minutes

  3. Pour the fried spices in a bowl, leave the remaining oil in the pot, turn the fire over, pour the shrimp into the water, stir fry slightly, adjust the medium heat, pour the spices, ginger, garlic, beer, Cook salt, soy sauce, cooking wine, stir well;

  4. Cover the lid, boil the fire, turn off the heat, cook the pepper and sesame oil for 2 minutes, then sprinkle with the parsley and sizzle!

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