Recipe: Spicy sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Spicy sauce


The scorpion is smooth and fleshy, fresh and juicy, and has a unique flavor. It is a dish of wine. The ancients once praised the poem: " Shaqi four-inch tail yellow, the flavor of the pressure to Shaoyang; Mai broken flowers opened in March and a half, the beauty of the seed market amp ". The meat is rich in protein, calcium, iron, selenium, vitamin A and other nutrients. It has delicious taste and high nutritional value, especially rich in iodine and selenium. It is a good health food for patients with hyperthyroidism, pregnant women and the elderly. The medlar contains zinc and manganese. The scorpion is good for the nutritional supplement of the brain and has the function of brain and brain. Medical research has found that scorpion has a certain effect on dry mouth and irritability caused by radiation therapy and chemotherapy. The method of eating hazelnuts is very simple. Only the scorpion lives in the shallow sea sand, there are two shells equal in left and right, the shell is brittle and thin, and the surface often grows a layer of light green thin skin. There is a lot of sediment in the belly of the scorpion. After buying it from the vegetable market or the supermarket, it should be stocked in clear water containing a small amount of salt, and the sand in the belly of the scorpion can be cooked before it can be cooked.



  1. Soak the hazelnuts in salt water for 2 hours in advance, spit out the sand, remove and drain

  2. The scorpion uses the wine and water to pick it up.

  3. The green pepper is washed and cut into sections, garlic, ginger slices and millet pepper segments.

  4. Pour the oil in the pan, add the onion, ginger and saute, add the green pepper

  5. Pour the dumplings into the pot, add the cooking wine immediately, pour the prepared sauce, stir fry quickly.

  6. Because the scorpion is simmered with water, so don’t fry for too long, put the millet pepper into the pan.


1. The scorpion must be drowning beforehand, not suitable for effluent 2. When the scorpion is bought, it should be soaked in salt water, but the water should not be too much. Just cover the scorpion. If you do not put salt, drop a little sesame oil in the water, too. 3. If there is a double basin with a leaking net at home, put the scorpion on the upper layer and inject water. After 2 hours, you will find a lot of sediment in the bottom basin. The upper scorpion is clean.

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