Recipe: Spicy roasted sautefish

Home Cooking Recipe: Spicy roasted sautefish


I am not obsessed with the kind of roasting in the small shop, savouring oil, aroma, and the famous saury. This time I went back to the supermarket and finally let me catch it. I bought n pieces in disgust and I couldn’t wait to roast and eat.



  1. Wash the fish and dry it, add the barbecue powder, a little salt, and marinate for one night.

  2. Preheat the tube on the oven 200°

  3. Put the oil on the 2 sides of the saury and put it on the paved tin foil. (If there is a barbecue better)

  4. Sprinkle with cumin powder at 5 minutes, slightly roast

  5. Turn over and bake the other side for almost 5 minutes.

  6. Sprinkle with chili powder after baking


In the learning shop, the fish is opened from the middle, so that it is easy to taste when marinated, and the baking time is much shorter.

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