Recipe: Spicy meat sausage sweet bean nest egg

Home Cooking Recipe: Spicy meat sausage sweet bean nest egg


The egg yolk is slippery, especially suitable for the side dishes of the wine, and the coarse grain wheat bag is the first class.



  1. Wash the onion first, cut the garlic cloves, and slice the spicy sausage.

  2. Put the onion and garlic into the pot and fry until golden brown

  3. Put the spicy sausage in the wok and fry until the oil is released. Continue to fry until the micro-focus

  4. Put the green beans together and stir-fry

  5. Wash the parsley, peel off the leaves by hand and put in the pot

  6. Pour hot water and cook until the water is dry. At this time, the green beans should also be boiled.

  7. Finally, score two eggs in the middle of the pot, close the lid, turn off the heat, and cook the eggs with the remaining temperature of the pot.

  8. Serve with rye raisin bread when eating

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