Recipe: Spicy incense pot without numbness or spicy

Home Cooking Recipe: Spicy incense pot without numbness or spicy


At noon yesterday, Liu Bao and his classmates finished the spicy hot pot. No matter who they met, they said that they were delicious. Then come to the family version at noon, saying that the rice is cooked less [smirking] [smirking]! I am very backward. I ate it for the first time yesterday. I burned it for the first time today. I have sorted out the cooking methods you want, but I declare it first. I don’t guarantee that it is the same as the store. I did it according to my own ideas. Face], children should not eat too heavy oil, so healthy!



  1. The cauliflower is small, and it is boiled to 7 mature in the boiling water pot with salt and cooking wine, and the cold water is washed out and controlled to dry;

  2. The river prawn is red-boiled in a boiling water pot with ginger slices, salt and cooking wine, and the cold water is sterilized and controlled for use;

  3. Fish tofu, beef balls, fish balls, crab sticks are cooked in the pot, you can also learn how to be lazy, and cook the rice while cooking.

  4. Pour the right amount of olive oil into the pot, slightly more than the amount of cooking. Add ginger and garlic to the fragrant, then add celery and scallion to stir fry.

  5. Add cauliflower and stir fry, put a small amount of salt;

  6. After adding the river prawn, put the wine, soy sauce, oyster sauce, bean paste, beef sauce, boiled fish sauce and stir well;

  7. Add ham sausage slices, beef balls, crab sticks, and fish balls to stir fry. Add half of the parsley at this time;

  8. Guanzhong fire slowly stir fry, so that the conditioning and spices are fully integrated. Add the beef, green pepper, thorn melon, fried peanuts and white sesame seeds to the fire before cooking. Finally, put the coriander section decoration.


These dishes are all ordered by the master and the young master. The spicy incense pot can add any dish you like, and change it at will. The premise is to pay attention to the degree of easy maturity, prior treatment and the order of adding the wok. Basically, this is the case.

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