Recipe: Spicy incense pot

Home Cooking Recipe: Spicy incense pot



  1. Look for ingredients first, vegetables and meat beans can be. Cut the meat and put a little bit of raw powder, pepper and pickle.

  2. Wash the vegetables and cut them into the right size.

  3. Dried vegetables such as fungus first water, fungus or venetian, etc.

  4. Ingredients preparation, onion, ginger, pepper, Pixian bean paste, dried chili

  5. Burn the oil in the pot. When the oil is very cold, put some pepper, 1 star anise, and fry the small fire.

  6. Then put the ginger and minced garlic, and let the scent come out. Put a little dried chili and continue to fry the fire.

  7. Dig a spoonful of bean paste (or hot pot bottom material, slightly turn a few times

  8. First, put the most difficult ingredients into the pot, stir-fry until the half-cooked and easy to cook ingredients. Add a little soy sauce, soy sauce, oyster sauce, sesame oil, vinegar, put a little bit of water for a minute or two, and finally put the vegetable leaves and turn it a few times.

  9. Try salty and not enough salt. Put a little chicken or MSG, a little pepper, a little pepper powder

  10. Finally, put a little bit of minced garlic and sprinkle a little chopped green onion.

  11. carry out


1. Bean paste can be replaced with hot pot bottom material. 2. The oil must be more than usual when cooking! 3. If you like spicy, you must add chili oil! ! ! !

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