Recipe: Spicy Hericium

Home Cooking Recipe: Spicy Hericium


Method for removing bitterness from dried Hericium erinaceus: 1: The Hericium erinaceus is soaked in cold water for 24 hours, and the water is changed 2-3 times in the middle. Each time the water is squeezed out and put into clean water. 2: After 24 hours, cut off the old roots, tear them into small pieces, wash them and squeeze them out. 3: Cook in a boiling water pot for a few minutes, remove and squeeze the water (cool down and squeeze, otherwise hot)  PS: If it is in the summer, the 24-hour soaking process is best done in the refrigerator to avoid deterioration.



  1. 1. Treat the good Hericium erinaceus with dry starch and mix well. Boil the golden fry in the oil pan, remove it, leave a little oil in the pot.

  2. 2. Under the green pepper and dried chili stir fry, the fire is not too big, so as not to dry the chili pepper

  3. 3. Add fried Hericium erinaceus and Huang Feihong spicy peanuts to continue to stir fry

  4. 4. Finally add raw soy sauce, salt, sugar to taste

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